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About Us

Baskets, Boxes & Things is a hand-curated gift basket business that was established in 2012. The business stemmed from our retired event planning business, Heartfelt Moments, Inc. Our clients were so delighted with our gift baskets that were used at various events, we soon shifted our focus on the gift baskets. We create gift baskets for various occasions, our goal is to make smiles contagious even during hardships, a smile can help alleviate worry even for a moment, is still great medicine.

The Owner/Founder

Baskets, Boxes, & Things is not only woman owned, but also black owned and a native of Prince George County, MD who is also a self publised poetry writer of Peace of Mind 2001  and Love, Life, & Happiness 2005.

Baskets, Boxes, & Things creates hand-curated gift baskets for various occasions, if you don't see something on our site, please feel free to email us using our contact page and we will be glad to further assist you with your gift shopping needs.

In addition, please note the majority of the gift baskets listed have been sold, but can be duplicated (please refer to our Substitution Policy.)

Due to COVID-19 a lot of companies still have shipping delays, please place orders two weeks prior to your event.

Meet our Team Members

We take pride in creating gifts that warm the heart.

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